about me

amy dame combines art and craft to create pieces that express the experiences, beliefs and political convictions that guide their life as a fat queer femme genderqueer person with invisible disabilities.

a child of the canadian prairies who grew up on the west coast, leaving them with a fierce love of contradictions and contrasts, amy is inspired by words and imagery not generally expressed in traditional fibre work, believing that the act of illustrating our stories in the time consuming mediums of embroidery and quilting reflects and respects the true value of those experiences.

primarily fibre based, amy’s work regularly incorporates hand and machine embroidery, machine piecing, quilting and appliqué. creating is inherently personal and political, and is guided by a need to personalize in a culture which grows more and more consumer oriented.


i’m amy dame. i’m a textile artist living outside of vancouver, bc, on unceded coast salish territory. my work regularly veers between craft and art. i’m a member of the Vancouver Modern Quilt Guild, and as much as art pieces sustain my soul, sometimes I can’t resist a fabulous new fabric line or some simple patchwork! i blogged for many years at www.craftydame.blogspot.ca/ which mostly focussed on craft/quilting. www.amydame.ca is a place for me to share my work that is more specifically art, and I plan on reposting some art pieces from my old blog here as times goes on.

like my “official bio” above states, my art pieces are directly influenced and inspired by my personal beliefs and politics. i’m an intersectional feminist, fiercely trans inclusive and pro-sex worker. i’m a white, queer,  crip femme who grew up low income in a politically active family. i strive to reflect myself authentically at all times, to live by anti-oppression principles, to be the change I want to see.

i occasionally instagram https://instagram.com/amyamydame/
i’ve pretty much abandoned flickr, like most everyone else, haven’t done twitter in a million years, and tumblr makes me feel so damn old!
i can be contacted at amyamydame AT gmail DOT com

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